Our corporate lawyers advise companies, investors, management teams, shareholders and entrepreneurs on all aspects of German and cross-border corporate law. We can help with establishing corporate structures, restructuring and reorganisation, mergers and acquisitions, buyout or financing transactions, joint ventures and shareholders’ agreements. We also offer corporate housekeeping support. We have a strong track record of resolving corporate disputes, where necessary by corporate litigation. In addition, we guide a large number of foreign growth companies, mostly from the US and the UK, through setting-up their businesses in Germany and help them ensure legal compliance on entering the German or European market.

team k lambsdorff

Konstantin Graf Lambsdorff


team c stuhlmann

Dr. Christian Stuhlmann


team p de2.erice 2018

Pablo Rüdiger S. De Erice, LL.M.


team n schroeder

Dr. Nora Schroeder, LL.M.

Senior Associate

team l irmisch

Lea Irmisch, LL.M.


team j schroeder

Joel Schroeder, LL.M.